Blessing of the Animals at Christ Church Georgetown


Worship in the Garden


Come, join us on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. for Holy Eucharist in the beauty of the garden.







We invite you to become a full member of the parish of Christ Church. In order to be sure you receive all communications, please complete the request to be added to our email list and inform the Parish Office of your address and other information by completing a pew card or by emailing the office. We hope you take advantage of the various fellowship opportunities on Sundays and throughout the year. We invite you also to consider how you can share your time and talent in service to the church and to others through the many ministries active at Christ Church. Explore this website to learn more.

Baptism is the only requirement for full membership in the Episcopal Church and baptism in any denomination is accepted if it was performed with water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.If you are a baptized Christian, then you may become a member of Christ Church by having your name entered into our parish register. If you are a member of another Episcopal parish, the Parish Office can arrange for a letter of transfer as the basis for entering your name in the Christ Church register. 

Baptized members of the Episcopal Church may also receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation is not a necessary step for membership, but an important one for many as they embrace the Episcopal Church and this tradition within the Christian faith. Confirmation is a mature and public affirmation of one’s baptismal promises. Confirmation takes place at a service at the Washington Cathedral in which our Bishop confirms together all parishioners from the Diocese who are receiving confirmation at that time. Preparation for confirmation takes place with one of the parish’s clergy or through a series of classes offered during the year.

If you already have been confirmed in another church that claims apostolic succession for its bishops (such as the Roman Catholic or one of the Orthodox churches), you can be received into the Episcopal Church as a confirmed communicant.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact a member of the clergy: the Rev. Kristen Hawley or the Rev. Elizabeth Keeler, or, for helping with the younger members of the parish, contact Youth Missioner Rita Yoe.