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Sunday Adult Forum Program, 2016-2017

Why Be A Christian? Action and Belief: Shaping Christian Identity

Reading List: Dr. Barry Seltser has compiled a supplemental reading list based on the 2016-17
Sunday Adult Forum series, Why be a Christian, which concluded two weeks ago. 
Click here for a PDF of the reading list.

Presentations from individual sessions are accessible below.
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The 2016-2017 series considers how our actions and beliefs shape our identity as Christians, and how they are intertwined and mutually dependent. We will examine the importance of Christian ethics and Christian doctrine to our faith, and how we can understand and live with alternative ways of acting and believing. the first half of the series focuses on action, looking at the connection between religion and morality, the Love Commandment and non-Christian ethical principles, contemplative and action, how Scripture shapes our moral life, and how we can think about death and hope in the context of Christian ethical reflection. The second half of the series focuses on belief, examining the implications of key Christian doctrines such as incarnation, repentance, resurrection, and salvation, and how beliefs are embodied in our liturgy, morality, and daily life. Throughout the year, we will explore how our action shapes and reinterprets our belief, and how our belief instructs and is lived out in our action.

The forum sessions will be led by speakers Dr. Barry Seltser, Dr. Kathy Staudt, Dr. Paul Crego, and Professor Susan Bond (who led forums during the 2015-2016 season), and guest speakers Rabbi Gerry Serotta, the Rev. Sathi Clarke, the Rev. James Farwell, and the Rev. Kate Sonderegger. Information on each of these speakers is provided below. 

A printable version of the entire program is accessible at the bottom of this page. 

Sunday Forums 2016-2017


Part I: Action

Part II: Belief



  • Dr. Barry Seltser (B.A., Ph.D. Yale) taught religious studies at two universities, and has offered adult education courses at churches for more than 25 years. Dr. Seltser was a member of the Senior Executive Service at the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
  • Dr. Kathleen H. Staudt (A.B. Smith, Ph.D. Yale) teaches theology, spirituality, and literature at Virginia Theological Seminary and Wesley Theological Seminary, and is active as a leader of retreats and education programs. She is the author of three books of poetry as well as a scholarly study of poet and artist David Jones.
  • Dr. Paul Crego (B.A. Syracuse, M.Div., M.A. Harvard, Ph.D. Boston College) is a Senior Cataloging Specialist at the Library of Congress, and a frequent lecturer fat area churches.
  • Professor Susan Bond (B.A.L.S. Georgetown, M.A.T.S. Claremont) is an adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at George Mason University.
  • Rabbi Gerry Serotta (B.A. Harvard, M.A. Hebrew Union College, S.T.M. NY Theological Seminary) serves as Executive Director of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington and served as Rabbi of Shirat HaNefesh Congregation in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and as Executive Director of the interreligious organization Clergy Beyond Borders. 
  • The Rev. Sathi Clarke (B.A., M.A. University of Madras, B.D. United Theological College, S.T.M. Yale, Th.D. Harvard) teaches at Wesley Theological Seminary and is a member of the Episcopal Church of South India. Dr. Clarke served as Professor of Theology in Bangalore, India, for nine years and as a visiting Contextual Theologian from Asia at Harvard University. Dr. Clarke has cultivated specialties in contextual theology, constructive global theology, and theology of religions.
  • The Rev. James Farwell (B.A. Catholic University, M.Div. General Theological Seminary, Ph.D. Emory University) is the Professor of Theology and Liturgy at Virginia Theological Seminary. Previously he taught at both General Seminary and Bethany College. He served for 20 years as a parish priest and is the author of two books on Episcopal Church liturgy.
  • The Rev. Katherine Sonderegger (A.B. Smith College, D.Min., S.T.M. Yale; Ph.D. Brown University) is the William Meade Chair in Systematic Theology at Virginia Theological Seminary. She previously served on the faculty at Middlebury and Bangor Theological Seminary. She is also an author focusing on the works of Karl Barth.

Sunday Adult Forum Program 2016-2017 (print version).pdf

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