Education at Christ Church Georgetown


Homecoming Sunday


Sunday, September 10
Services at 8, 10 and 5
Urban Picnic follows 10 am service
Join us as the new program year begins






Acolytes and Lectors

Liturgy holds a place of central importance in our parish worship. The younger members of Christ Church, Georgetown serve as both acolytes and lectors (readers) at our 9:00 a.m. service. The worship leadership provided by the youth is an important part of our community worship, and their attentiveness to and participation in these worship ministries greatly enhances the service. 

Youth Acolytes
Youth acolytes serve in teams consisting of two crucifers (lead cross and second cross), two torchbearers, and an altar server. All youth in grades 5-12 are invited to acolyte. The acolyte teams receive training in their roles each September, and ongoing ad hoc training and support is provided by the clergy and the team captain as necessary on Sundays. The lead crucifer of each team also serves as the Team Captain. The captains provide leadership to the teams on Sunday, foster community within the team, and provide guidance and feedback to teammates.

Acolytes are responsible for finding their own substitutes if they cannot serve on a Sunday for which they are scheduled.

The youth worship ministries are coordinated and overseen by the Rev. Kristen Hawley. Please contact her if you are interested in serving or learning more about these opportunities to serve.