Christ Church Georgetown Garden


Homecoming Sunday


Sunday, September 10
Services at 8, 10 and 5
Urban Picnic follows 10 am service
Join us as the new program year begins






Quiet Mornings at Christ Church

In 2016-2017, Christ Church plans to offer four Saturday Quiet Mornings for spiritual refreshment – three linked to the liturgical calendar, and three focused on leading voices from the rich history of contemplative Christianity. As has been true of past Quiet Mornings, the intention is not only to provide insight into contemplative tradition and some of its leading lights, but also to provide an experience of drawing closer to God and to our own deepest selves, through a time of quiet spaciousness. 

Contemplative prayer strikes some as a bewildering concept, and in many ways it is distinct from both the corporate prayer of our liturgies and from our individual prayers of petition, intercession or gratitude. It is most often silent and tends to involve resting in God's presence and opening ourselves to the "still, small voice." This generally requires that we set aside our own agenda, perhaps sitting with a phrase, image, or narrative that emerges from a scripture passage or other reading. While there are various approaches, the contemplative framework is surprisingly simple and deeply rooted in Christian tradition, which means that we are all capable of some degree of contemplative prayer and contemplative living. It also means that there are many guides to help move us in that direction. For more information and question, please contact the Rev. Elizabeth Keeler or parishioner Merrill Carrington.