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Sunday, September 10
Services at 8, 10 and 5
Urban Picnic follows 10 am service
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For many years, the Contemplative Life Missions group has partnered with organizations locally and internationally. In 2016, the group reorganized as the Contemplative Life Ministry with a focus on contemplative education and opportunities. The group will, however, continue to support Friends of St. Benedict, Joseph's House, and the Holy Cross Monastry in South Africa.

For more information on contemplative opportunities at Christ Church, please visit the Contemplative Life Ministry and the Quiet Mornings pages of this website.

Contemplative Mission Partners

Friends of St. Benedict, Washington, D.C.
Gift amount: $4,000
Contact: Merrill Carrington or Friends of St. Benedict

The Friends of St. Benedict promotes and fosters Benedictine spirituality through Benedictine experiences, education on Benedictine wisdom, and ecumenical programs, lectures, study groups, and pilgrimages for clergy and lay people who seek to explore and incorporate into their lives the Rule of St. Benedict. Friends offers an annual Symposium in Washington, D.C. with a leading spiritual speaker and a Benedictine experience each year - at Bishop's Ranch in the even numbered years and at Cantebury Cathedral in the odd numbered years. The Benedictine experiences are structured to give participants the opportunity to live the rhythm of a Benedictine monastry, balancing the cycle of daily prayer, study, practical work, rest, and community. Volunteers help out part-time in the office with mailings, communications and event planning. The Friends website offers information on membership and different aspects of Benedictine living: www.benedictfriend.org.  

Joseph's House
Gift Amount: $5,000
Contact: Merrill Carrington or Bill Burns

Joseph's House is a real home for formerly homeless people who are dying. The House opened in 1990 in Adams Morgan as one of the missions of the Church of the Saviour.  Joseph's House provides healing care to homeless men and women with late-stage and end-stage AIDS and cancer through physical nurturing, spiritual companionship, and the restoration of dignity. Residents receive 24-hour nursing care, including personal care services and medical case management. The program fosters opportunities for shared community life with family-style meals and the companionship of residents, staff and volunteers, and practices the values of unreserved love and friendship. Through compassionate care the act of service becomes a source of healing, both for the resident and the provider. Together, the residents and providers of services nurture the living and accompany the dying; no one should die alone and members of the community keep vigil with residents who are dying. For more information visit: www.josephshouse.org

The Holy Cross Monastry and School, Grahamstown, South Africa
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