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Sunday, September 10
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Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. --1 Corinthians 12:27 

Christ Church's International mission activities support the global Christian community through educational and spiritual programs, prayer and public discussion, and financial support to mission partners, especially in Africa, and through sponsored pilgrimages and visits to mission partners in South Africa, Mexico, Honduras and Russia. Parishioners are encouraged to bring worthy international projects to the mission's attention.

International Mission Partners

African Education Learning Initiative
Gift Amount: $7,000.   
Contact: Kitty Hempstone  

Africa ELI was launched in 2006 to develop and expand secondary educational opportunities in the country, with special attention on education for girls. The Republic of South Sudan is a new country at war with itself. Social services, especially education and health, are in short supply and many of the educated have left the country. Christ Church has provided funding to Africa ELI for several years: $1,500 in 2011 (to develop sources of clean water), $4,500 in 2012 (to build beds for students), $6,000 in 2013 and $5,000 in 2014 (for school fees), and $4,000 in 2015 (for the roof on a new classroom building in Yei). In 2016, the gift of $5,000 went to Africa ELI's priorities of student sponsorships enabling girls to remain in school, teachers' salaries to keep good trained teachers, and food. Two months ago the country imploded. The 80 sponsored students are all accounted for, but it has yet to be decided if they should remain in Yei or evacuate to Uganda where schools could be opened within or outside refugee camps. In consultation with other NGOs, students, teachers, diplomats and board members options considering their options. The third term of the academic year opened in September and food clearly is the greatest need. The price of food has risen 300-600% and traders are not coming in to the country nor are crops being harvested. Africa ELI needs $10,000 in the next few months to enable schools to open at all. Once peace is restored, visits to teach and/or mentor may be considered.

Friends of Honduras USA
Gift amount: $4,300
Contact: Kitty Hempstone

Friends of Honduras USA, a 501(c)(3) foundation, is committed to the goal of securing the resources necessary to develop grassroots programs providing Honduran children with a path out of poverty and crime. Friends of Honduras encourages trustworthy local, national and international communication in support of the active network of dedicated individuals and organizations in Honduras. Toward these goals, the specific aim is to foster commitment to learning from an early age by improving the learning environment in remote villages of San Antonio and Cortes. As in other remote areas, health and welfare concerns limit a child's ability to learn or even to get to school - often housed in rudimentary shelters, in a home or an abandoned building. There are safety hazards, as well as exposure to wind and sun. Friends hopes to construct 12 kindergarten schools in the San Antonio area. Six have been completed and, in October 2016, the foundation has plans to construct a seventh. Provision of safe water in this area is also of critical concern. Friends has installed, maintains and is expanding a water purification system to serve the town of San Antonio, including the local school with 1,100 children in attendance daily. Volunteering: There are many ways to join this effort. Prayers and support are most welcome. For more information visit the Friends of Honduras website.

Holy Cross Monastry and School, Grahamstown, South Africa
Gift amount: $6,000
Contact: Kitty Hempstone

The Holy Cross Monastery (Mariya Umama we Themba Monastery) and School in Grahamstown is a long-time mission partner of the International and Contemplative Mission groups. Parishioners have been welcomed by the Brothers to stay at the monastry and/or share time with students. The school serves children from pre-school through third grade who come from nearby farms. Health care and meals are also provided to students and their families in an area ill-served by the government. Gifts from Christ Church have funded extensions to the school, playground equipment, health tests, a bus for transporting students, and scholarships for school graduates to attend middle and high school. Volunteering: Christ Church has welcomed Brothers Tim and Daniel, priors of the Order, for dinners as they travel to and from the Holy Cross House in West Park, New York. These visits and a quarterly bulletin (UXOLO) provide opportunities to learn about the school and monastry. Hands-on volunteer opportunities are less easy. Those who visit can stay for several weeks (housing provided) and work with the children on tutoring, games, excursions, and the summer reading program. Christ Church also ships books to the school that have been provided by the Bishop Walker School, another Mission Partner. For more information on the monastry visit: www.umaria.co.za.

Innocents at Risk
Gift amount: $2,500
Contact: Debbie Sigmund

Parishioner Deborah Sigmund founded Innocents at Risk in 2005 to educate the community on the dangers of child exploitation and trafficking, a $150 billion dollar worldwide business and the fastest growing criminal activity in the world. On the education front, Innocents at Risk spearheaded the Flight Attendant Initiative in 2008 aimed at instructing flight attendants and airline personnel on how to identify and report children at risk of trafficking in airports and on planes. In 2009, Innocents partnered with the Department of Homeland Security and Airline Ambassadors to expand this successful initiative which, according to DHS, has saved thousands of lives. Innocents at Risk began the Kids Stay Safe Campaign in District of Columbia schools. Most recently, Innocents, in partnership with Operation Underground Railroad, has expanded its efforts to assist in locating safe havens for children rescued from trafficking in the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Volunteers are needed to host speaking events, arrange speaking opportunities in schools, clubs and communities, and to help organize fundrasing efforts. For more information, visit the website: www.innocentsatrisk.org.

Mpambara-Cox Foundation
Gift amount: $7,500
Contact: Kitty Hempstone

The Foundation was established by parishioner Anita Mpambara Cox. It is run by volunteers in the U.S. and has an office in Kabale, Uganda, Ms. Cox's hometown. The multi-faceted program in Kabale aims to strengthen government-aided schools. Peace Corps volunteers assist with reading classes, teaching spoets and assisting government teachers with internet literacy and in the nutrition focused garden at each school. The program also includes a women's micro-finance project, a computer training school, provision of clean water for three schools, a feeding program for the schools and an internet cafe for income generation. Christ Church, in partnership with the Foundation, has taken a leadership role in filling many of the programs needs. In 2014, the church provided a gift of $2,000 (to house and feed one Peace Corps volunteer), and in 2015 gave $5,000 (to house and support another Peace Corps volunteer). For 2016, Peace Corps volunteers will be placed in each of the three schools. Christ Church's gift of $5,000 was paid in March to provide room and board for two of the volunteers. Several parishioners have asked about a visit to the schools and Ms. Cox is looking forward to working on this. Volunteer opportunities include being pen pals and working on fundraising activities.

The Malawaian Sisters of St. Mary/Saint Mary's Foundation
Gift amount: $5,000
Contact: Kitty Hempstone

The Malawian Sisters of St. Mary, located in Luwinga in Northern Malawi, provide food, education and hope for children left parentless due to HIV/AIDS and to the families that have taken in these children. With support from St. Mary's Convent in Greenwich, NY (the first Anglican/Episcopalian Order founded in the US in 1865), Christ Church and other Episcopal parishes scholarships are available for some of the students at the primary, secondary and university levels. Volunteers can support this ministry through prayer, time and gifts; provide hospitality to the Sisters for their yearly visit and help with presentations at Christ Church and in the community; and contribute to scholarships and other fundraising efforts through the St. Mary's Foundation for Foreign & Domestic Mission (a 501(c)(3) organization). Others may wish to consider visiting Malawi and meeting the Sisters. For more information visit: www.stmaryseast.org.