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Due to the weather forecast for Sunday, October 4, the Blessing of the Animals will be postponed to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 11, in the Chapel Garden.

Welcome to Christ Church, Georgetown! Whether you are a long-time Christian, seeking to renew a relationship with God, renewing one from a past time, or are on a path of seeking and discovery, we are happy to welcome you to this community of faith. As Episcopalians, we are anchored in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic faith. We are a people of resurrection faith. More

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We invite you with joy to join this community of faith! Baptism is the only requirement for full membership in the Episcopal Church and baptism in any denomination is accepted if it was performed with water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. More

We provide programming several times a year to support the spiritual enrichment of parents, especially in regard to the faith development of children and youth.
Through the support of the parish, we are fortunate to offer a wonderful and comprehensive Sunday School and youth group program for children from age 3 through the 12th grade.

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We are commanded as Christians to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We can heed God's call to love our neighbors by serving other members of our local and global communities, especially the poor, the hungry, the homeless, and the lonely. More

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Search Committee Process for a New Rector
1. Is the Search Committee process running on time?
The Search Committee continues to meet weekly and remains on schedule. After considering the materials presented by the large group of original applicants and our own research we narrowed the likely candidates to ten. We are now interviewing this group by Skype or telephone and expect that process to produce an even shorter list. We will interview the final group of candidates in person, and expect to have a recommendation for the Vestry in due course.
2. Are the Parish Profile and Rector Profile available to read? 
Yes, the profiles are available for you to see HERE. A summary of the parish survey results is also HERE.
3. How will the final decision be made for our new Rector? 
The Search Committee will cull through applications to present a final candidate to the Vestry for consideration. The Vestry will engage in discernment with the candidate to see if he or she is called to become our next Rector. The Vestry will also negotiate the letter of agreement with the new Rector, announce the new Rector to the parish, help lead the transition as we bid farewell to our Interim Rector, Bishop Peter Lee, and welcome our new Rector. The target to complete this process is October/November, 2015—about one year after the departure of our past Rector, Stuart Kenworthy.
4. Will the congregation have the opportunity to meet potential candidates for the new Rector before an offer is made?
No. The Search Committee has an obligation to respect the confidentiality of those individuals interviewing for the new Rector position, as they discern their call. An announcement will be made to the congregation after the new Rector has accepted the call from the Vestry, the Bishop has been notified and approved of the call, and the letter of agreement is signed by the new Rector and Senior Warden.  
5. What role does the Bishop of Washington, DC play in the search process?
The Bishop’s office plays an administrative role. The Canon for Congregational Vitality, Joey Rick, and her staff assemble candidate packets for the Search Committee’s review and conduct background checks to be sure that all candidates are in “canonical good standing.” Once the Vestry has called a finalist, the Bishop will also speak with the finalist to approve the call.
6. Who serves on the Search Committee and how were they chosen?
The Vestry tapped long-time parishioners, I. Guyman Martin, III and Susan Davies to be the co-chairs of the Search Committee. They then worked with the Vestry to cull 10 additional members from nominations that were submitted by the Parish. The committee started to meet in October. In addition to Guy and Susan, members are:
- Cynthia Anthony
- Thomas Birch
- Thomas Crocker
- Stephen Hadley
- Rupert Hammond-Chambers
- Molly Peacock
- Elizabeth Swenson
- Frances Symes
- Raymond Tanter
- Sally Squires Wilhelm



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