Our Mission

Christ Church, Georgetown, is an inclusive Episcopal community of faith and a living witness to the love of Christ. For more than 200 years we have sought to be a sanctuary from an often-chaotic and divided world, a place where politics are left at the door. All can participate here in traditional, reverent worship, and lifelong Christian formation, while building meaningful connections with others, and serving those in need. Parishioners, inspired by the Gospel and the worship of the Church, are encouraged to act in the world as they feel called, embraced by a fellowship that respects their views, as well as those of people who see things differently.

We seek to live more fully into our mission in four ways: 

  • Worship. We are a parish community where all can experience the real presence of Christ in our worship. Through the daily recitation of the Prayer Book Offices, engaging preaching, the timeless beauty of the Anglican musical tradition, and, above all, through the Eucharistic liturgy that is the beating heart of the life of our church, we meet and receive Christ into our hearts and minds as well as our hands and lives.
  • Education. We are a parish community in which all can grow in a Christ- centered, scripture-based, and reasoned faith, at every stage of life. At the heart of our educational commitment lies an exceptional Adult Forum, a lively Sunday School program, and opportunities for small groups, particularly young adults and families with children of all ages.
  • Parish Life. We are a parish community where all can find connection, relationship and genuine friendship. Just as the disciples walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus, we walk the Christian journey with those who worship, learn and serve alongside us. We are in the company of those whose hearts Christ has caused to burn within us.
  • Outreach. We are a parish community in which all can put faith into action through works of service to those in need: providing food and shelter to vulnerable neighbors near and far, educational opportunities to under-served communities, and support for mission work across the nation and abroad.

Our Vision
Christ Church, Georgetown, seeks to be a beacon of Christian discipleship, inspiring all to serve Christ, creating pathways into the life of the Church and providing opportunities for ministry, at all stages of the human journey, from the cradle to the grave.
Our Values
As we follow Christ, in a spirit of community and love, we are guided by our values:

  • Service / Servant-Leadership. Our Lord Jesus Christ set the disciples an example of service and servant leadership when he washed their feet at the Last Supper. We seek to serve Christ in others, both individually, and as a Church.
  • Compassion. Our Lord Jesus Christ had compassion on the crowds, the sick and all who came to him in hope. We seek to be a spiritual field hospital, where all who are hurt or broken by life may find compassion, healing and renewed strength. 
  • Inclusivity. Our Lord Jesus Christ welcomed all who turned to him in faith. All are welcome at Christ Church regardless of race, sexuality, politics or any of the myriad of other ways that human beings are different from one another. Here we all kneel at the same altar and seek the same forgiveness and grace. 
  • Stewardship. Our Lord Jesus Christ was God’s gift of life to the world. Our own gifts, be they, intellectual, physical, or by virtue of our birth, all come from God. We are only stewards of the fruits of these things. We seek to live grateful lives using our time, talents and treasure for the cause of Christ in this place and to help the poor and broken, who are near and dear to the heart of God.