Local Community

For nearly 200 years, parishioners of Christ Church, Georgetown, have reached out into the wider community to serve those in need, focusing primarily on children/youth, homeless individuals, and those who are transitioning from life on the street to a safer, more stable existence. Christ Church is one of the very few parishes that makes a tithe (the Biblical standard of giving, 10%) to ministry beyond its own walls. Our mission partners for 2020, in alphabetical order and with links provided to the website of each organization, are listed below.


Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys

Breadcoin Foundation

Business United in Investing, Lending, and Development (BUILD)

The Condor Project

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

Georgetown Ministry Center

Humane Rescue Alliance

Innocents at Risk

Joseph’s House

Jubilee Jobs

New Futures

Seabury Resources for Aging

St. Philip’s Child Development Center

Washington DC District, National Capital Area Council, Scouts BSA

Washington School for Girls