Local Community

For nearly 200 years, parishioners of Christ Church, Georgetown, have reached out into the wider community to serve those in need, focusing primarily on children/youth, homeless individuals, and those who are transitioning from life on the street to a safer, more stable existence. Although the parish provides funding to a number of local and regional mission partners, the bulk of this vital work is undertaken by members and friends of the parish, who offer their time and talent in service to others. 

We invite you to explore the many volunteer opportunities that exist and discern how, when, and where you might become involved. The parish's local mission partners are listed below in alphabetical order.

Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys
Gift amount: $40,000

Contact: Catherine Marquardt
Website: www.bishopwalkerschool.org

Founded in 2008, the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys (BWS) provides a supportive community in which students gain a solid educational, social, and spiritual foundation for the future. BWS is committed to equipping boys with the resources and skills they need in order to break a cycle of underachievement and reach their full potential. Students receive three meals a day, health and dental screenings, counseling, before and after school care, and are eligible to participate in summer programs. Volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Lunch Buddies: Male volunteers spend one hour a month with a class, providing a positive role model.
  • Amazon Wish List Book Donations: The list is compiled by teachers and gleaned from the students' wishes. To contribute, visit the Wish List page on www.amazon.com.
  • Library Assistance: Weekly help with reading and research; quarterly help to process donations, shelve books, and assemble book bags.
  • Handy Person/Grounds Work: Help with minor projects and grounds maintenance.


Downtown Cluster of Congregations
Gift amount: $2,500
Website: www.downtowncluster.org

Churches are often the first place in our neighbors to find help with paying bills, resolving housing issues, and meeting health care needs. Because, parish priest are ill-equipped to handle the very real and pressing problems of those who require direct social services. DC offers a social worker to assist Christ Church in getting those who need financial, social, or medical services the help need quickly. 


Friends of St. Benedict, Washington, D.C.
Gift amount: $2,000
Contact: Merrill Carrington or Friends of St. Benedict
Website: www.benedictfriend.org

Friends of St. Benedict promotes and fosters Benedictine spirituality through Benedictine Experience retreats, education, ecumenical programs, lectures, study groups, and pilgrimages for those who seek to explore and incorporate The Rule of St. Benedict into their lives. There is an annual Symposium on Benedictine Spirituality in Washington, D.C. and 2018 Benedictine experiences will take place in Canterbury, England and at Bishops's Ranch in California.

Georgetown Ministry Center, Washington D.C.
Gift amount: $15,000
Contact: Richard Johnson or John Lange
Website: www.gmcgt.org

Founded by the Georgetown Clergy Association and Georgetown University, Georgetown Ministry Center (GMC) offers important services to the homeless. Christ Church has been a mission partner with GMC since its inception. GMC operates a clubhouse drop-in center for the homeless that provides meals, internet service, laundry, showers, and other important services, and operates a proactive street outreach program to help the homeless find housing, critical medical help, and healthcare. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Winter Homeless Shelter: Hosted at Christ Church in November and February - assist with meals, sleep over, and other tasks. Click here for more on the shelter.
  • Drop-in center: Assist staff with programs/administration and manage the clothes closet
  • Fundraising: Assist by attending local events, including the Taste of Georgetown, the Spirit of Georgetown, and the Georgetown 5K Race for the Homeless.


Humane Rescue Alliance
Gift amount: $2,500
Contact: Sheila Ward`
Website: www.humanerescuealliance.org

The Humane Rescue Alliance, the District of Columbia's open-access shelter, is required to accept all animals relinquished to it. HRA cares for over 50,000 animals each year and sponsors a broad range of programs, including adoption, low/no-cost spay/neuter, an educational program for children, and community events. The Pets for Life program provides free vaccinations, spay/neuter services, and pet supplies to Washington, DC residents who cannot afford regular veterinary care. Volunteer opportunities include fostering animals, behavioral and socialization work, transportation, walking shelter dogs, assisting with community events, and office assistance. This year's gif will be directed to the Ann Brody Cove Fund, which serves local income-qualified residents by providing critical medical and preventive care for their pets. In 2017, the Fund paid for 48 critical cases.


Joseph's House
Gift Amount: $5,000
Contact: Merrill Carrington or Bill Burns
Website: www.josephshouse.org

Joseph's House serves formerly homeless men and women with late-stage and end-stage AIDS and cancer by providing physical nurturing, spiritual companionship, and the restoration of dignity. Residents receive 24-hour nursing, personal care, and medical case management. The program fosters a shared community life with family-style meals and the companionship of residents, staff and volunteers, and practices the values of unreserved love and friendship. Together, the residents and staff nurture the living and accompany the dying. Members of the community keep vigil with residents who are dying.

Jubilee Youth & Family Services
Gift amount: $1,500
Contact: Tim Carrington 
Website: www.jubileehousing.org

Founded in 1973, Jubilee Housing provides affordable housing in the heart of D.C. The organization has ten buildings in the Adams Morgan neighborhood, serving nearly 800 individuals and families annually. Jubilee's model of affordable housing and services has been used by its national partner, Enterprise Community Partners, across the country. Jubilee aims to build diverse, compassionate communities enabling everyone to thrive, with access to basic resources and opportunities that they can live out in a supportive community. To those interested, tutoring and mentoring volunteer roles are available. 

Jubilee Jobs
Gift amount: $7,000

Contact: Kitty Hempstone 
Website: www.jubileejobs.org

Jubilee Jobs’ primary goal is to help less advantaged members of the community find work and strengthen their ability to rise up the economic ladder through skills training, interview practice, and on-going support once they secure a job. Support includes helping clients move up with their current employer and obtain further education to expand their employment opportunities. Jubilee Jobs has a list of employers to whom clients can be directed. Volunteer opportunities (weekdays and weekends) include resume writing, interview assistance, professional mentoring, and serving at monthly dinners, at which clients share experiences.

National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America
Gift: $1,200
Contact: Chris Lucander
Website: www.ncacbsa.org

The National Capital Area Council, Boy Scouts of America (BSA) delivers the promise of scouting to youth in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including 16 counties in Maryland and Virginia, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands and U.S. citizens abroad. Programs teach young people to “be prepared” for adventure, education, service, and leadership. Christ Church’s gift will enable three deserving boys from the Washington, DC area to attend a week-long summer camp.


New Futures
Gift: $3,500
Contact:  Derek Leebaert
Website: www.newfuturesdc.org

New Futures is a Washington, D.C based nonprofit that helps underserved young people find their pathway to financial stability through a unique combination of post-secondary scholarships, academic advising, and career coaching with a specific focus on a short-term degrees and rewarding careers in high-growth fields. New Futures has changed the lives of 500 remarkable, yet vulnerable, young people in our region.


Pets with Disabilities
Gift amount: $2,000
Contact: Millie Coleman
Website: www.petswithdisabilities.org

Pets with Disabilities is dedicated to the rescue and care of dogs and cats with severe physical problems resulting from accidents, abuse, or congenital issues, and the adoption of these animals. The 2018 gift will be used to defray the veterinary cost for a number of dogs injured by torture. PWD is located in Prince Frederick, Maryland. Visitors are welcome at the facility to interact with the animals.

Three Parish Ministry for Refugee Support
Gift amount: $6,000
Contact: Morgan Hodgson and Tooey Cameron

Christ Church co-sponsors the resettlement of a young Afgan refugee family with three small children, including a newborn. Parishioners are working with the family on job search and job training. ESL needs, early childhood education, infant and child care, medical and dental services, and other social services.


Washington School for Girls

Gift amount: $3,000
Contact: Kitty Hempstone
Website: www.washingtonmiddleschoolforgirls.org

The Washington School for Girls educates young women in grades 3 - 8, whose socio-economic and personal circumstances present barriers to their academic and social development. Students participate in service-learning projects that promote understanding and development of solutions to real world problems. Graduates have a 98% high school completion rate and over 80% go on to enroll in post-secondary programs, including college, vocational schools, and the military. Volunteers are welcome to help in both the upper and lower libraries, serve as math tutors, and work with 8 th grade girls to prepare application for high shool.