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The Vestry

Christ Church, Georgetown, is a parish in the Episcopal Diocese of Washington. As such, it is a corporation governed by a board known as the Vestry, which includes the Rector, Senior Warden, Junior Warden, and 12 Vestry members, elected by the parish at its Annual Meeting. Wardens serve for two-year terms and Vestry members for three-year terms. As the governing board of the Parish, the Vestry is responsible for all of the temporal affairs and has oversight of the full range of the church's ministry and mission. The Vestry meets monthly, except in July and August, usually on the third Tuesday of the month. In addition to Vestry members and officers, meetings are attended by Assisting Clergy and the Director of Administration. Various Vestry committees carry out the mission and ministry of the parish under the Vestry's oversight.

The Vestry elects officers and officials including the Treasurer, Register (Secretary), and chairs of Vestry Committees, who may or may not be members of the Vestry, and the parish's delegates to the Diocesan Convention. Measures enacted at the Diocesan Convention must be separately approved by lay and clergy delegates. The parish clergy canonically resident in the diocese serve among the clergy delegates.

Vestry and Officers 2021

The Reverend Timothy A. R. Cole, Rector
Charles A. (Chad) Thorley, Senior Warden
Mary (Molly) N. Peacock, Junior Warden
C. Allen Foster, Treasurer (Ex officio)
Cybil Roehrenbeck, Register (Ex officio)
Hannah H. Motley, Assistant Register (Ex officio)
Julia Edwards Ainsley
Katherine Bierlein Brown
Taylor Cortright
Cynthia G. Efird
John (J.D.) Lytle
Ferdinand H. (Tripp) Onnen
Jane C. (Shelley) Rodgers
Marilyn Sheneman
Page Lane Smith
David B. Straut
Andrew J. Travers
Sally Squires Wilhelm


Annual Parish Meeting and Vestry Elections

The parish by-laws provide for an Annual Parish Meeting on the first Sunday in February. The primary purpose of this meeting is to elect Vestry members - one Warden and four Vestry members are elected each year. A slate is presented by a Nominating Committee and confirmed by the Vestry on the recommendation of the Rector and Wardens. Nominations can also be made from the floor. Other business at the meeting most typically includes reports on financial performance for the year just concluded, the operating budget for the year ahead, and stewardship as reflected in the results of the Every Member Canvass (pledge campaign).

Click here for the Annual Report for 2020.


Privacy and Terms

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