Stewardship begins with an understanding that everything we have is a gift from a lavishly generous God who is active in our lives and in all of creation. In gratitude for God’s gifts, we are called to give back to God from the first fruits of our labors. We do that by giving to the Church community where we worship and where we enjoy the fellowship of other faithful parishioners.  Such giving back allows us to share the blessings bestowed upon us both in support of the parish and, just as importantly, through the parish outreach efforts in support of caring for the world with which we have been entrusted.

Stewardship is more than a financial commitment made each Fall. It is also offering time and talent in support of the mission and ministry of the parish community, including, for example, support of worship services, teaching Sunday School, supporting each other in the Christian life, contributing to parish efforts to serve the homeless and working to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Annual Stewardship Appeal

All members and friends of Christ Church are asked to prayerfully consider making a yearly financial commitment in support of the parish. Such giving must always come from a place of gladness and gratefulness of heart. When contemplating a financial commitment, one might ask: How important is my faith to me? How important is Christ Church in supporting my life of faith?  How important is the Christ Church community and its individual members in my life?  From my means as they are, what amount reflects the importance of my faith and the mission and ministry of Christ Church in my life?


The goal of the stewardship pledge drive is, very simply, to have each family and each individual who attends services at Christ Church make an annual pledge that reflects their faith, their sense of belonging, and their commitment to the community of which they are apart and which they value. Pledge cards are available in the Parish Office. An online pledge form is available below. If you have questions about pledging or payments, contact Paul Barkett, Director of Administration.


Time & Talent
In addition to making a yearly financial commitment to Christ Church, members and friends are asked to put their faith into action by offering time and talent to the parish and the wider community it serves. There are many opportunities to minister at and through Christ Church. We encourage you to explore them on this website and, perhaps more importantly, through conversation with clergy and fellow parishioners.

Online Pledge Form


Other Contributions

Altar Flowers
The expense associated with the creation of floral arrangements for Sunday and special liturgies is offset by donations from parishioners and others. Contributions are typically made in memory of loved ones who have died. To make a donation, click here.

Memorial Giving
All are welcome to make memorial gifts in memory of loved ones who have died. Gifts can be designated to reflect the interests of that person, if you so wish. To discuss the possibilities, speak with a member of the clergy. To make a donation, click here.

Remembering Christ Church in your will

In addition to making a yearly commitment through your pledge offering, you may also remember Christ Church in your will, so that you might have a lasting effect on the life of the parish into the future. To learn more, please click here.