Rector's Chronicle

February 2019

Dear friends,

The Bishop sent this wonderful vignette out today. It resonates strongly for me.  I have found in my life that God’s call is found somehow in the midst of those longings for purpose, adventure, and relationship that all of us experience in some way and that lead us to look to the wider horizon. Key is the essential note of joy that is heard in all three and also in both the sounds described below.

Here it is:
"The poet David Whyte tells the story of an old Irish monk standing alone at the edge of the monastic precinct, when he hears the church bell toll, calling him to prayer. He says to himself, "That is the most beautiful sound in the world." For it is the call to depth, to dwell in the place of imagination and creativity where we discover our true self and the presence of God within us. But then the monk hears a blackbird calling from out in a field, and he says to himself, "That's also the most beautiful sound in the world." This is the call to adventure, to set out toward new horizons, to go out into world right now, as we are, and offer our gift. 
What the two experiences have in common is the call itself, the feeling that we're being summoned, somehow, either by our life circumstances or an internal, driving energy that all spiritual traditions attribute to the voice of God. This sense of being called to something, or somewhere, is among the most powerful and persuasive of spiritual encounters.
To be called is a uniquely human experience, because of the element of choice."

With every blessing,