Rector's Chronicle

Dear Friends,

I have asked for a small window on the website to share a weekly thought with you. It won’t always be a message as such. It may just be a quotation or a poem that may give some pause for thought. I hope it will be a chance for me to speak a word here and there that might help you in your spiritual life or draw your attention to something that I think is important that week. God speaks to us in many and various ways and I am conscious that he often speaks through what people say to me or what I read in passing.

As an example I was struck today by an image in one of Thomas Merton’s Psalms describing the dawn in A Book of Hours, p. 45      

Merton describes that "moment of awe and inexpressible innocence when the Father in perfect silence” opens the eyes of the waking birds.

“Their condition asks if it is time for them to “be”? He answers “Yes”

I think that is such a powerful image. The animals and creation asking to “be” with each new dawn an echo of the first dawn. 

Our own spiritual waking each time we pray is the same question and God’s answer to us is “Yes, be.”