Rector's Chronicle

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 

Dear Friends,

In the light of today’s verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, we pray for George Floyd’s family, for healing and wholeness in our hearts and in the life of our nation. Just as we confess in the Baptismal Covenant that all human beings have the same value and dignity as God’s children, we strive, with others, for the secular and Constitutional principle that all must be treated equally under the law. No society can survive if this is not upheld. We pray for this always. Acknowledging that our understanding of and attempts at these things are always flawed we look to the only one who is truly impartial and just and ask him to open our eyes to see as he sees.

In this Eastertide, as we invest ourselves again in the resurrection faith that is founded on God’s ability to bring life out of death and wholeness out of ruins, let our prayer be that, in time, all our anger, pain and grief at all that has happened in these many months may lessen in the light of all our attempts to bring a reasoned faith to bear on the challenges before us. Then, as people of faith and good intent with wide ranging views, we might be able to work together to find a way forward in the new life that Christ has won for us and the world.

Every Blessing


The Reverend Timothy A. R. Cole, Rector