Rector's Chronicle

June 2019

Dear Friends,

There are many analogies for the Trinity; the three leafed clover, three leaves but still one plant; the three states of water, ice, water and steam, but still the same substance; the different affection found between, parents, adults and children, yet all being love. Despite all these clever analogies, it remains logically impossible to say exactly how a being can be truly three and truly one at the same time.

The reason for that is that, at the heart of Christianity, there is an acceptance that God is too big for us. We cannot define him, measure him, or fully comprehend him. He is mysterious, where “mystery” means something hidden that is being discovered. He is discoverable but never completely discovered.

The doctrine of the Trinity is not, in fact, a definition of God. It is the definition of our experience of him. We experience him as Father, the origin of all things that holds all of us in being; as Son, the one who came to save us and to show us what God is really like; as Holy Spirit, in whom we know God and experience his presence.

Christians can be simplistic. We can want easy slogans and definitions. We can want to have easy answers to difficult questions. We can sometimes want to exclude those who disagree with us.  But if we look at the teaching of Jesus, and if we experience the life of God in the Trinity, we can never settle for simple black and white easy certainties. God is not like that. And we cannot give way to selfish hatred because we are not getting our own way, because we know that God is the Creator and Father of all that live,  that Christ came to die for all human beings, and that he wants to live in the hearts and minds of all, even the ones who are possessed by bitterness and evil. He will not force himself on any one, but like any loving Father, he longs for his children who have rejected him.

So, this Trinity Season, let us pray that we may know the love of the Triune God, that gave us life, came to us and died for us, and that dwells in our hearts whenever we do his will and invite him in. 


With Every Blessing,